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New Heroes Destined for Great Things

The Senso saddle brand is moving further forward with the New Heroes Campaign, reinforcing Velo's commitment to dynamic young cycling teams and athletes the world over -- helping them develop and achieve their full championship potential. Velo's exceptionally talented, budding young riders are Senso's torch holders.

No race without a bike, no bike without a saddle

The saddle is the cyclist’s most influential contact point with the bike, responsible for how the rider endures, resists fatigue and harnesses potent energy into triumphant forward motion and tenacious track endurance. Senso’s state-of-the-art technologies – their dynamics, comfort and lightweight firmness – deliver the prerequisites for dramatic cycling victories.

Meeting the stringent demands of our cyclists is Velo’s crucial task for achieving top track performance. Working with these young athletes and listening to what they say and what they need, We at Velo develops performance saddles that meet cyclists’ highest criteria, on the track and off.  Whether for champions, New Heroes or recreational enthusiasts, Senso is synonymous for quality and innovation.