• Road Runner's my game
    "Being free is how I feel - freedom is my bike!"
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  • "La Frite"
    No. 3, FMB World Tour 2012

    "I’ll try my best to ride everywhere!"
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  • Call me BIZ
    "Make the best of every situation. You never know when it's over!"
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  • Call me Dom

    “Time is now. Live your dreams!”
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  • Call me KA

    "Keep on keeping on... and have fun!"
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  • Just call me Gesa

    "Don't cross my path!"
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Senso’s New Heroes: Destined for Great Things!

  • Young, courageous, striving for Gold

    Choosing the most promising young prodigies in the freestyle, MTB, BMX, cross and road racing disciplines under Velo sponsorship, the saddle manufacturer has selected talent from teams throughout the USA and Europe. Barely out of their teens, the athletes have been chosen not only for their exceptional skill and victories, but also their unprecedented drive and pursuit of excellence – they are true ambassadors for Velo’s commitment to the sport, and the New Heroes Campaign Velo’s applause for youth as they “go for Gold“.

  • Enthusiastic to help young athletes achieve their goals and maximize their potential, Senso’s New Heroes Campaign has been called to life to meet the ever-growing need for cyclists determined to make their way to the very top of the sport. “Velo is proud to sponsor these budding young talents in their development, guiding and supporting them as they pit their talents against the other bests of the sport to attain real greatness,” explains Ann Chen, Director of Global Sales for Velo. “While major race winners and established champions enjoy pampering from manufactures lining up to cater to them, Velo has made their commitment to cycling’s young emerging stars.”

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Posted by:Velo
February 07, 2014
Videos Clemens

Posted by:Velo
October 09, 2013
Tanja Hendrysiak

This weekend Tanja was at the German 4X championship in Wolfach. After a sunny day of training it started pouring rain just when the qualification race began. With a small accident in the...  More

Posted by:Velo
September 25, 2013
Tanja Hendrysiak

After the Protour race on September 15th the whole german 4X Team spent their week in Leogang until the championship. Their schedule – training, having fun, relax and celebrate. Day to day the...  More

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Race Schedule
  • FISE Slopestyle
    FISE Slopestyle
    Venue: Montpellier, FRA
    Date of Event: May 31 - June 1, 2014
    Participating Athletes: Thomas Genon
  • Bike Festival
    Bike Festival
    Venue: Riva del Garda, ITA
    Date of Event: May 1-4, 2014
    Participating Athletes: Thomas Genon
  • Canyon Pure Cycling Festival
    Canyon Pure Cycling Festival
    Venue: Koblenz, GER
    Date of Event: tba.
    Participating Athletes: Thomas Genon