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    Choosing a Velo Saddle: the science behind comfort

    January 27th 2016 [Taichung, Taiwan]
    November 10 – Velo Enterprise Co LTD has updated it’s saddle selector system chart to aid retailers and consumers in picking the right saddle for their needs. The simple five-point selection system weighs all factors that influence saddle choice, and creates a clear grading system that will inform customers and streamline the purchasing process.

    The five criteria have been updated and simplified which allows all cyclists to choose their equipment easily. By following the procedures below, bike enthusiasts will be able to find suggested saddles to meet their needs in riding.

    Being the largest manufacturer of saddles in the cycling industry, Velo has the unique ability to provide a saddle for every rider and every budget. The fast saddle selector process allows Velo to leverage its position in the industry to create a better riding experience for all cyclists. Within each level, there are still multiple options for each rider: individual preferences in design and comfort can be accommodated, while removing the confusion of selecting from the thousands of saddles available on the market today.

    For 15 million cyclists a year, Velo feels right
    Velo Enterprise began with one woman’s vision to create perfect saddles for all types of demanding cyclists. In 1979, Stella Yu founded Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd. with the goal of meeting the individual needs of every cyclist. Velo now looks back at over 35 years of consistent development and learning from this experience. The company is proud to be among the world’s leading designers
    and manufacturers of high-quality saddles, grips and handlebar tapes, confirming that, “For 15 million cyclists a year, one brand just feels right!” Driven by a constant pursuit of success, Velo uses its expertise to tailor all of its products to different types of cyclists, including recreational riders, passionate cycling enthusiasts and for professional BMX or mountain bike needs as well.

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