• 08.8.2017

    Velo 40 Tour Taiwan

    May 8th 2017 [Taichung, Taiwan]

    Lead by Giant and Merida, A-Team started ten years ago in Taiwan. Velo was honored to be one of A-Team founding members.

    The visions of A-Team are first to lead all A-Team members to learn the TPS (Toyota Production System) management in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction in the term of quality, R&D, price, cost, and delivery. Another important vision is to promote cycling culture internationally in order to expand the markets’ needs.

    More important vision is for the A-Team members to understand their own products qualities and functions by testing the product themselves strongly on the road.

    Stella, the founder and president of Velo, has always made all the efforts and set herself as an example to promote A-Team’s visions. In the past ten years, she rides her bike whenever she can. She also joined many long-distance rides in several countries, for examples, Taiwan, China, Japan, and USA and she personally has completed 2 times Tour de Taiwan ride.

    Every time when Stella came back from her long-distance rides, she always told Velo team members all the excitements on her trip, the joy of riding bike around the world and the beauty of different cultures and scenery. Because of these, Velo team members also cultivates interests in riding.

    The members of Velo riding team are all based on Velo cadre. They are also bike enthusiasts. Due to the busy work load, it is a challenge for Velo team members to join long-distance rides such as Tour de Taiwan which is the dream route for almost all the bike enthusiasts.

    Stella takes the chance of celebrating Velo 40 year’s anniversary in conjunction with Velo team Tour de Taiwan ride. The plan is to finish 1000KM ride in 9 days. However, In consideration of customers’ products delivery reason, Velo team members cannot take 9 days off straight. Therefore, the team planned to do the first half route of Tour de Taiwan from June 10th to 14th, 2017. The team will start the riding from Velo headquarter, Taichung towards to south of Taiwan. The team will hit the most south point of Taiwan, Eluanbi lighthouse and from there ride towards south-east of Taiwan. Velo riding team will finish the first year half route of Tour de Taiwan at East coast Tropic of Cancer point.

    This will be a 5 day ride of 521KM this year. The team will ride along the coast of Taiwan and see the most beautiful Pacific Ocean against the mountains while in south east of Taiwan.

    Next year, 2018, it will be the official Velo 40 anniversary. It will also be Stella’s 70 years old birthday. Velo riding team will complete the other half of Tour de Taiwan by then. After the completion of the ride, Velo will have a small celebration internally.

    All of Velo members are very excited now and very much look forward to the ride from June 10th.


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