• 02.26.2015

    Velo Introduces New Handlebar Tape and Grip Technologies

    26 Feb, 2015; Taichung, Taiwan – Velo Enterprise Co LTD has introduced three new handlebar tape and grip technologies in the lead up to the Taipei Cycle show. Combined, the advances improve functionality and comfort as well as durability and safety, and are more environmentally friendly that other products in their respective categories.

    Velo’s gel-backed handlebar tape technology has been awarded numerous patents internationally for performance gains that will be instantly recognizable to Velo customers. There are two advantages to using a gel backing on handlebar tape: one, it is naturally vibration damping. It increases comfort and reduces fatigue for the rider. Two, it replaces the traditional adhesive strip, and provides sufficient grip to hold the handlebar tape in place while also allowing easy removal and replacement with no glue residue left behind on the handlebars. Mechanics will love this feature.

    Velo has also introduced a line of highly durable, reflective, anti-slip handlebar tape. The new tape material offers higher grip than traditional tape, whether in wet or dry conditions; it is highly reflective to increase visibility in dark conditions, further increasing safety; and it boasts increased durability, decreasing maintenance, cost and waste.

    Finally, Velo has also introduced a new silicone foam material in both its handlebar tape and grip lines. Silicone is one of the most environmentally friendly materials for these applications. It also increases durability over other offerings while delivering the requisite no-slip performance that riders demand.

    Velo will be displaying all of these technologies in various handlebar tape and grip product offerings in their booth at Taipei Cycle, Nangang Exhibition Center, 1F, J0717



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