• 12.5.2016

    Velo Saddles AirForm

    The perfect innovation in saddle padding for 35 years.

    Dec 5th 2016 [Taichung, Taiwan]

    After a year of research, testing and engineering, Velo Saddles is introducing a new foam material, AirForm to the market. AirForm will be produced and used starting in 2017. As the world’s largest manufacturer of saddles, the new material will have a big impact to cyclists and triathletes across the world, whether or not they know they’re riding on a Velo made product. In addition, Velo’s own line of products marketed under the Angel brand name will also use the new material.

    Working to improve rebound rate, Velo worked closely with Triathletes and Mountain Bikers to ensure AirForm would withstand the toughest  conditions. With a softer initial feel, combined with a faster rebound, AirForm is able to absorb smaller shocks and vibrations while maintaining the original conformation for effective pedaling. Taking inspiration from modern suspension design, AirForm designed to be progressive in nature. The initial sensitivity is high, but ramps up as more force is applied to ensure the rider does not sink into the padding as they put down the power.

    Heat dissipation was another factor that Velo looked to improve in AirForm. The dense nature of traditional foam trapped heat. Due to its more open nature, AirForm dissipates heat quickly; ensuring heat build up is not an issue.

    “Saddle foam has been a constant for almost 35 years,” said Ann Chen, the marketing manager at Velo, “In past years, we have focused on designing new structures to house the existing foam, and have greatly improved how a saddle fits.” Now that Velo has turned its attention to the actual padding material, it also allows more innovation in base shaping, too. “The padding is one of the first things a customer checks on when buying a saddle, but it’s almost unchanged in every model out there. This innovation will be a big step forward for the whole industry.”

    AirForm is available now in select Velo Saddles. Ask for Velo Saddles by name at your local bike store.

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