• 08.8.2017

    Velo Saddles Brings Innovation and Design Updates to Eurobike 2017

    Jul 24th 2017 [Taichung, Taiwan]

    Velo Saddles, the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle saddles, is coming to Eurobike 2017 with a lineup of brand new products, signaling their unended commitment to innovation that benefits consumers and OEM suppliers alike. In addition to new products, Velo has applied new technologies to update its existing line up of products.

    The most significant innovation at Velo is the addition of AirForm to their new saddles. This new foam material is the first innovation in saddle padding for 30 years, providing a platform that is consistent across a wider range of temperatures, and providing uniform round characteristics whether the saddle is wet or dry. AirForm is a proprietary material developed specifically to improve the comfort of all of Velo’s Saddles.

    The reason behind the development of AirForm was to create a new triathlon saddle that meets the demands of racing in variable conditions. This saddle will be on display at Eurobike. Triathletes are used to racing on a wet saddle, but AirForm increases comfort for the rider by preventing heat buildup, and keeping the damping characteristics of the saddle the same in both wet and dry conditions. The saddle features a flat and short nose to increase comfort while in an aerodynamic position.

    Another new addition is the Microtech Grip. Velo Saddles has developed a new manufacturing process that creates detailed texturing on the grips that increases friction and grip for the user, especially in wet and sweaty conditions. The first version of the grips to use this new technology features a micro-circle pattern that sits underneath the rider’s fingertips. The additional texture increases surface area dramatically, giving the user extra security without resorting to holding the bars tighter.

    The detailing on the grips will be especially useful for ebike riders, who often times will not be riding in gloves. Ebike users often stay seated during accelerations,and require extra grip to keep control of the bicycle at higher speeds. Velo Saddles will be incorporating this technology into a full line of cycling grips, including models designed for mountain bike applications. Particularly in gravity- based events, the trend to ride without gloves is spreading, due to riders looking to improve bar feel. The micro texture of Velo’s grips will improve control, and allow increased friction even in very wet weather.

    In addition to the new products on display, Velo Saddles will be showing their Angel saddles series that has found success with both road and cyclocross riders. The Angel series is now available as a test kit for dealers, to allow customers to trial the saddles before they make a purchase decision. The test kit, alongside the Velometer measuring device, will be at the Velo Booth. Velo Saddles will be at booth No. A4-103.


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