• 12.22.2016

    Velo Saddles Celebrates Year of the Rooster with Limited Edition Saddles

    Dec 22th 2016 [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Celebrating Velo Saddle’s Taiwanese heritage, the company will for the third year produce a limited run of ANGEL saddles to commemorate the Chinese New Year. 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. The Rooster represents positivity, fidelity and punctuality. For the 37-year-old company, these traits have been core to growing a business that now supplies over 15 million saddles per year to the cycling industry. The celebration of Chinese New Year begins on January 28th 2017.

    While the concept of the Chinese zodiac is foreign to many western cycling industry companies, Taiwanese based suppliers use
    the attributes of the Zodiac to reinforce good business practices, and motivate their staff. For Velo Saddles, the punctuality of the Rooster’s morning crow is a signal to embody that in one’s own working day.

    The Year of the Rooster saddle is based on VELO Angel series. An upgrade from previous years, the Angel is one of the first saddles on the market to use Velo’s proprietary AirForm padding. The first innovation in padding for 25 years AirForm has significant benefits over regular High Density Foam, in that it remains its confirmation while providing shock absorption, and also dissipates heat much faster. Although most people seeing the saddles for the first time will miss the innovation, the regular user will benefit greatly from the research and development that has gone into the new material.

    Like the Year of the Monkey and Year of the Sheep saddles for the past two years, Velo’s in house designers took inspiration from the attributes of the Rooster to dream up their design. For the design team, the project is a welcome break from the subtle colours and designs that typically end up in consumer facing products, and also allow Velo to showcase the talent of their graphics team.

    The unique Y-shaped cut-out on Angel saddles allows optimal pressure relief, and works in conjunction with the saddle rails and innovative Arctech rail mounting system to create a saddle that can provide exceptional comfort on long rides; comfort that is delivered through proper engineering of the saddles components, which eliminates the need for additional padding.

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